Planning and Conservation Department

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Maureen Pollock, Town Planner

Suzanne LoManto, Assistant Planner/ Director of RiverCulture


1 Avenue A
Turners Falls, MA 01376


(413) 863-3200 Ext. 207


(413) 863-3222


Monday, Tuesday & Thursday:
8:30am - 5:30pm
8:30am - 6:30pm
Friday: CLOSED

Boards and entities staffed by the Planning and Conservation Department


The Montague Planning and Conservation Department is responsible for:

  • Land use planning
  • Natural resource protection
  • Economic and community development activities identified in Town Plans

The primary function of the Planning Department is to manage regulatory process for development proposals submitted to the Planning Board and Conservation Commission. As part of that process the Planning Department evaluates development proposals for their contribution toward community planning goals as documented in Montague Comprehensive Plan and other local strategic plans. The Department is also actively engaged in programs and projects that help the community achieve its planning goals.

The Planning Department oversees RiverCulture- a program to develop the creative economy in Montague. The Department also provides technical support to the Board of Selectmen, and the Economic Development and Industrial Corporation (EDIC). The Department represents the Town and its interests at both the regional and state level through a variety of projects and planning initiatives.

Planning: Town Plans

Planning documents prepared for the community that are intended to be a resource for the public and to guide decision making by officials.

Planning: Open Space and Recreation Plan 2018

Final Draft of the 2018 Open Space and Recreation Plan